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Energy Efficiency Challenge (EEC)

As is tradition in the Workshop on Energy and Climate Change will be awarded to the Telefónica best environmental and energy efficiency projects.


These are the categories of ECC that will be delivered on the last day of the Workshop:

- Exclusive for Providers:

A) Best Technology Innovation Project
B) Partner of the year

- Exclusive for Telefónica:

C) Best Renewable Energy Acquisition Project
D) Best Environmental Project
E) Energy Manager of the year
F) Enviromental Manager of the year

- Telefónica & Partner Project (can be presented jointly or individually):

G) Best energy efficiency solution
H) Best Self-Generated Renewable Energy Project

How to participate

Operators may submit their candidate to categories C, D, G and H by sending the template their project’s template named as “Ficha de Proyectos” to the email address before September, the 20th.

Who wins?

From the projects received, the Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Office will select the finalist based on the technical specifications.

These finalists will be uploaded into this web and will be vote by all the assistants through the workshop APP.

How to vote

Vote will be done during the workshop through the event’s APP.


Last day of the Workshop, winners of each of the categories will be announced and the awards ceremony will be held.