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About Bogota

The capital of the Republic of Colombia, which was founded in 1538 and stands on a plateau in the Andes range, is the most important cultural centre in the country. It offers an endless number of sites to discover and things to do and this led to it being included in the New York Times list of the 50 places to go in 2010.

Bogotá is a diverse, vibrant city with a population of close to eight million inhabitants from every corner of the world. It is a magnet for tourism, business and talent and provides opportunities for a very good quality of life.

The annual average temperature in Bogotá is 18°C (59°F), ranging from 9°C (48.2°F) to 22°C (71.6°F), and it stands at an altitude of 2,600m above sea level. Light clothing is recommended, but you should also carry a jacket or a parasol with you, because the climate is warm but variable; the nights and early mornings are fairly cold but the midday sun can be fierce.

You do not need any vaccinations to visit this city, but the dates of the WorkShop coincide with the rainy season, so take care with common respiratory diseases such as flu, and you must also realise that the altitude can affect you, even more so if you suffer from breathing difficulties.

10 places to visit in Bogotá

If you're coming to spend some time in Bogotá, please be forewarned: it is impossible to get bored and it is impossible not to be enchanted by this city and everything it has to offer to citizens and visitors alike.

We will now suggest 10 places to visit in Bogotá:

  1. Parque de la 93


    Do you want to enjoy a good meal, shopping and relaxation, surrounded by art and culture? The 'Parque de la 93' is the perfect place.

    A beautiful garden with many oak trees, pines and a wax palm, the national tree, which give life and splendour to the modern, cosmopolitan city that flourishes around it. High-quality establishments where you will be able to try excellent national and international food, taste the best Colombian coffee and enjoy the nightlife of Bogota to the full.

  2. Cerro de Monserrate


    If Bogotá, at 2,600 metres above sea level, seems extraordinary to you, you will be fascinated to see all its majesty from a mountain rising 3,200m above sea level. It has two of the city's most exclusive restaurants, the image of the Fallen Jesus and one of the most emblematic churches in the city, which is visited by thousands of pilgrims and local and foreign tourists every year.

  3. Maloka Interactive Centre


    The most important interactive science and technology centre in the capital of Colombia is a place where the phrase "Do not touch" definitely does not apply. Visitors to this centre, both children and adults, can learn about the universe, water, biodiversity and telecommunications using all five senses to explore and experiment.

    In its 17,000m2 you will find 300 thematic exhibition modules and the largest IMAX Cinema in South America, which will impress you not only with its spherical screen 14 metres high, but also with the quality of the 3D films and documentaries shown.

  4. La Candelaria (historic centre)


    Originally, Bogotá was composed of just 13 houses and one church. As you will see for yourself when you come to visit, the city has grown since then, but it has not lost its respect for and desire to conserve the architecture of this district. In this beautiful neighbourhood, you can find the colonial houses described in books such as "Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez.

    La Candelaria, in the historic centre of the city, contains a large number of museums, as Bogotá is a city of museums and culture is around you wherever you go. It also has permanent art exhibitions representing all eras and all the styles that have ever existed. One of the greatest attractions is a museum entirely dedicated to the works of the emblematic Colombian artist Fernando Botero; there are also craft fairs, historic buildings and great cultural vibrancy.

  5. Parque Central Bavaria


    This area, in addition to being the location of a Telefónica Movistar Experience Centre, contains 4 of the most important historic sites in Bogotá: the National Park, the National Museum, the Bullring and the Regional Planetarium.

    It is a huge architectural, commercial, natural and residential complex, with a grandiose backdrop: the eastern mountains of the city, as well as water fountains, waterfalls and gardens with beautifully-shaped trees. With good reason, today it is an example of urban renewal throughout Latin America.

  6. José Celestino Mutis Botanical Gardens


    During the 18th century, the Royal Botanical Expedition of the New Kingdom of Granada took place, led by José Celestino Mutis, hence the name. From that time on, these gardens have come to house every known species of the biodiversity of Colombian flowers.

    In its 19 hectares, you will find a Research Centre dedicated to the conservation and understanding of the country's flora. The pleasure of admiring over 2,300 species of native and exotic plants in their respective ecosystems is incalculable, even more so since the creation of the orchid garden (the national flower of Colombia) with over 5,000 examples. In addition, there is a lake with an artificial waterfall and beautiful paths around the gardens.

  7. Zona Rosa and Zona T


    It is almost a tradition to buy a t-shirt from the Hard Rock Café of every large city we visit. Well, Bogotá is no exception.

    If you have no interest in that t-shirt in particular, then you will surely be impressed by the many other establishments in the area, where you will find the most luxurious brands of clothes, shoes and jewellery from national and international designers, and discover how Bogotá pulsates both day and night with its boutiques, bars, clubs and internationally-recognised restaurants.

  8. Simón Bolivar Park


    If, as part of your daily life, you like to take a stroll, breathe clean air thanks to the trees or read a book while reclining near a lake where children or groups of friends are playing ball games, and you would like to continue that custom during your week-long stay in our city, this park is the perfect place.

    With an area of 113 hectares, this park is the setting for very diverse activities. You can do sports on both land and water, and, if your visit coincides with a performance by world-famous musicians, you could join the throngs as 80,000 spectators gather together to sing along with groups like Metallica, Kiss, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden and Coldplay, among others.

  9. Usaquén


    A delightful historical village that was swallowed up by the big city, and which became a new area of tourism and gastronomy in the north of Bogotá.

    As you walk along its cobbled streets, you can feel the warmth of this ancient village which has been part of the city for some years now, with the background music of a saxophonist on a street corner, a story-teller in the park, artisans showing off their skills with wood, wool and glass, and enjoy the services of a café or restaurant. On Sundays, there is a traditional craft market in Usaquén, where you will be able to find beautiful souvenirs and even taste typical sweets.

    If you want to experience the Bohemian life for a few hours, this is the place for you.

  10. Restaurant Andrés Carne de Res


    This place is a “must-see” in the city. It is an inviting restaurant in the district of Chía, in the north of the city.

    The restaurant is on the outskirts of the city and for 32 years it has been serving the best cuts of meat and the finest typical dishes to Colombians and foreigners alike. To accompany these delicious dishes, you will find the best of Colombian music, warm, welcoming service and an atmosphere full of magical decorative objects.