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What is the Global Energy and Climate Change Workshop?

The Telefónica Global Energy and Climate Change Workshop is a yearly meeting of the company’s leaders in energy transformation and other principal collaborating companies.

The event’s main goal is to take advantage of the current opportunities that abound in this field and to encourage innovation in order to reduce Telefónica’s energy consumption and carbon footprint at a global level. At this event, presentations are given on the most recent initiatives in renewable energies and energy efficiency.

It will be a moment for analysis and for setting new challenges: the event brings together the different areas of the company that are responsible for network infrastructure, finances, purchasing and sustainability. On the heels of 6 previous years, the Workshop is clearly an established and key event for promoting a low-carbon economy at Telefónica.

Each year the event brings together more than 250 people from all the countries where Telefónica is present.

Why energy and climate change at Telefónica?

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges for society today, affecting quality of life and the planet as a whole. Thus, it is urgent to encourage economic growth that is less dependant on carbon.

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We are aware of the role as a digital company that we can play in the search for solutions through our services, but we are also aware of our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. Renewable energies are necessary to achieve the decarbonisation of our activities and to reduce our carbon footprint in absolute terms. With this goal, in 2008, we set up a Global Climate Change Office and set some ambitious goals for energy and emissions and an Energy Efficiency Plan. Since 2010, our energy intensity has been reduced by 25% and we have saved more than 64 million euros.

As of today, more than 16% of our energy comes from renewable sources, mainly in Brazil and Germany and around the 50% if we keep in mind the countries energetic mix. In Uruguay a 95% of the energy used comes from renewable or hydraulic origin.

> Hashtag of the Workshop: #energiaproclimaTef

Date and Location

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay. Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel
Date: The 14, 15 and 16th of December, 2016
Book rooms from 125.00 USD per night
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